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Interventional Radiologist

Interventional radiology procedure drainage bag

Molidrain IR

Interventional radiology drain bag - Molidrain IR
  • Compactable with all standards of Luer locking drainage catheters and can remove fluids using gravity.

  • Secure the connection to the catheter, maintaining a closed system to reduce the chance of leakage or infection.

  • Super smooth, kink-resistant tubing ensures unrestricted flow.

  • Easy visualisation for when drainage bags require emptying

  • The T’ type closure provides quick and easy emptying of the drainage bag.

  • The anti-reflux valve prevents retrograde contamination.

  • A specially designed moulded handle facilitates easy carrying and hanging of the bag.

  • Sterile, individually packed.

Why interventional radiologists prefer Molidrain IR ?

Ease of Use​

Luer lock connectors are designed to be easy to attach and detach. This simplifies the process for interventional radiologists, saving time during procedures and ensuring a more efficient workflow.

Reduced Risk of Accidental Disconnection

The locking mechanism of luer lock connectors helps prevent accidental disconnections, which is essential in maintaining the integrity of the drainage system during procedures.


Secure Connection

Luer lock connectors provide a secure and leak-free connection between the drainage bag and the pigtail catheter. This is crucial to prevent fluid leakage and maintain aseptic conditions during drainage procedures.

Prevents Backflow

The one-way valve inside the drain bag ensures that fluids or materials drained from the patient's body can only flow in one direction, away from the patient. This prevents the risk of contaminated fluids or pathogens flowing back into the patient, maintaining a closed and sterile system for enhanced patient safety and infection control during interventional radiology procedures.

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