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Customized Medical Devices

A Tailored Product Solution For Every Customer

As an experienced developer of basic and advanced medical devices, we collaborate with healthcare professionals (doctors & nurses) for the design, development and manufacturing of custom products, whether they are new and innovative, or customised to meet your specific needs.We are specialized in working with tubings and bags.

Our products are manufactured in-house under sterile conditions by a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

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Head of the Department of Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine

Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Chennai, India

Heated passover humidifiers used for mechanical ventilators, Non-invasive ventilators, and High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) therapy require a steady supply of sterile water. Unfortunately, the semi-rigid plastic bottles of water for injection available are not of good quality - once the spike has been inserted, they tend to leak from the insertion site and water drips on expensive ICU equipment. Imported bags made for holding this water are available but quite expensive.

We approached Morrisons Lifecare and requested them to provide a locallymade solution to this problem, knowing that they have the requisite experience.They were able to quickly manufacture a suitable bag that we tested in actual useand found satisfactory.The product not only works well but is also cost effective. It will be useful for Intensive Care Units all over the country.

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