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Surgery & Wound Drainage

Wound drainage devices are used to remove puss, blood, or other fluids from a wound or surgical site, helping to prevent infection and advance healing. We at Morrisons offer a range of DEHP free devices used in surgery and wound drainage, it includes a Closed Wound Suction Unit suitable for drainage under negative pressure, High-Pressure Vacuum Bottles in different sizes used in evacuating wound exudates, Under Water Seal Drainage System suitable for pleural drainage, Yankauer Suction Set for pre-operative removal of secretion and body fluids and Thoracic Drainage Catheters.

Yankauer Suction Set - Molisuck

Abdominal Drainage Kit -Molidrain ADK

Underwater Seal Drainage System - Molidrain

Laparoscopic Insufflation 0.027 Micron Filter - Laparoguard

Laparoscopic Surgery Insufflation Tubing Kit - Laparosuck GT

Laparoscopic Surgery Tubing Kit - Laparosuck

Laparoscopic Surgery Tubing Kit - Laparosuck Plus (LPF 2111)

Laparoscopic Surgery Tubing Kit - Laparosuck Plus (LPT 111)

Thoracic Drainage Catheter Straight Without Trocar (Chestocath)

Thoracic Drainage Catheter Straight With Trocar (Chestocath)

Closed Wound Suction Drainage Set - Molivac

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